Why do i feel like i have a tight band around my stomach

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By proceeding, I accept the Terms and Conditions. Brief Answer: Looks to be related to bronchospasm. Detailed Answer: Hi. I have gone through your history and the medication you are on. Your description is self exploratory. If Ipratropium bromide is helping to ease your symptom of tightness, it may be a referred sensation form the spasm of muscles of the airway. Ipratropium helps to relax the muscles of the airways. Just to add to your knowledge- if a proper broncho-dilatation is maintained by you by appropriate use of Advair and Ipratropium, the requirement of other medicines may be reduced drastically as is for the relief of the sensation of tightness.

why do i feel like i have a tight band around my stomach

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Question: I have the sensation of a tightness or band like feeling under my breasts and it goes all the way around my ribcage. It starts at about the upper middle of my back and goes all the way around. It also happens more frequently after i eat.

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I have asthma, copd. I use verapamil. I also tend to be overweight and use xanax for anxiety. I also have acid reflux for which i take omeprazole. The weird thing is when i use the ipartropium neb it eases off.

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Above answer was peer-reviewed by : Dr. Why would this feel like my diapraghm was spasming. It definitly feels like a belt wrapped around the rib cage underneath my breasts and I also notice it more after eating and sometimes it feels like its so tight its hard to eat.

Brief Answer: muscle spasm Detailed Answer: Hi.I am 8 weeks post TKR and have had this very tight band around my knee since week one.

why do i feel like i have a tight band around my stomach

My Dr at 6 wks says it is normal and will go away. Has anyone else had this and did it go away and when? Liked by ssbionicknee. What I have learned though is we all just tend to have different post-op problems and discomforts. I hope it will improve very soon. Liked by Debbra Williams, Volunteer Mentor.

Gradually went away. I think by 8 weeks it had mostly disappeared. Very uncomfortable while it lasted. Liked by ssbionickneekatp. Jump to this post. Oh my gosh… I pray it doesn't last that long! What do you do that helps, if anything? I have been doing deep massage which seems to help somewhat. What do the doctors tell you that is causing it?

Have they offered any suggestions to relieve it? Shoulder shrugs. No help, but they tell me of people who have it worse. Now i am told it might be lose.

They want to do another replacement. If i do he will not do it. I will fight like crazy not to do it. Current knee aspiration was all blood indicating another revision. How many revisions can i have with Osteopena and RA.

Wow, that's certainly not encouraging. How is your range of motion with the tightness? My ROM is excellent so I don't think it's scar tissue. Hopeful mine will go away and praying all works out for you as well. Liked by katp. Liked by JK, Volunteer Mentor. I am 19 months post TKR surgery. The surgery went well. I have great ROM. But, from the beginning I have had a tight band feeling just under my knee, and a compressed feeling in my calf muscle.

Feels like I have on the tightest knee sock imaginable with a tourniquet for a top band. I went through PT 3x trying different things to treat this, including astym and dry needling.Report Abuse. Contact Us. Diabetes Type 1 Type 2 Prevention. Trending Coronavirus. By subscribing, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Gastroenterology Community. Was put on nexium which did indeed help over a period of about 2 weeks. Answer Question. Read 55 Responses. Follow - 5.

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I would love to here people respond because that is exactly the way my problems began. Sorry to say I didn't take the Nexium right away. That was 3 yrs ago, I had pain in "Xiphoid" area, the tip of the sternum and also sob, quit smoking. Thought for sure it was lung related and still may be, just weird to have all these things pop up within a few months. Honestly, I still get this and then "it" goes into remission!

Have a gastro and pulmo but no "real" answers!! Are you a man, I only ask because in the beginning I was treated soo poorly like a mental case, hey maybe I have my issues, but that didn't and doesn't mean that I dont know my body!

Good Luck, I'm sure you'll get some good responses here. I have had a tight band across my diaphragm, causing chronic pressure below my ribcage, for 4 years.

I have had multiple investigations - scopes, scans, biopsies, lung function, blood tests etc. The following were found to be normal : - lungs, heart, liver, kidneys, spleen, pancreas, g. There is some minor diverticular disease in the colon, nothing to worry about apparently, and in no way could this be the cause of the chronic pain in the diaphragm. I still take H2 blockers.

I have severe multiple food intolerances. Have been through 4 exclusion diets under supervision of a dietitian, and we are sure we have now excluded all the culprit foods and drinks.

The pain and pressure in the diaphragm are always constant, but can get very much worse due to inflammation triggered by any physical exertion that uses my diaphragm muscles. This could be an action as simple as reaching up to get something off a high shelf in the grocery store. It can leave me in agony for a week afterward. I have not found anything that helps reduce the diaphragm pain. I was prescribed Ketotifen an antihistamine but the smallest dose made me fall asleep in the daytime.By ChaosApril 22, in Dysautonomia Discussion.

Over the past several years I've had episodes of feeling like I have a tight band around my throat It comes and goes and I've never been able to identify what causes it or what it was related to. However, with all the MCAD questions floating around these days, it's made me start wondering if it could be a "mild" form of anaphylaxis?

Anybody else have anything like this? It does make it a bit harder to swallow and breathe, but I don't feel wheezy like an asthma attack.

I keep finding myself reaching up to try pulling a tight turtle neck sweater away from my throat Nothing touching me anywhere near my throat. Don't think it's anxiety as it's happened during yoga classes when I'm very relaxed and calm and I'm not a particularly anxious person in general. I'm supposed to see a mast cell specialist at Mayo in a couple of months.

I am assuming that you've had your thyroid checked? I was hypothyroid after my second child, but it resolved and my TSH and T4 are normal now, but I have a "globally enlarged, firm, rubbery thyroid.

I get the same tight feeling and absolutely cannot wear collared shirts or turtlenecks. I just read that you also have GERD, do you also have a "slow swallow? I have that exact same feeling, and also wonder about it.

Just to complicate matters, Dr. Francomano tells me that many EDS patients also have swallowing issues due they think to brain stem compression or occult tethered cord. As sugartwin says, I think we have lots of doctors out there looking at the same elephant from different angles.

It does get worse when I have distinct anaphylactic episodes, but I think when that happens I may actually be layering one throat constiction feeling over the other. So Julie's right, it might be worth seeing if and how much anti-histamines help you - they seem to help me with the worsening of the throat constriction during flare ups, but I still have the ongoing annoying tight turtle-neck feeling, especially when I lie flat on my back.

why do i feel like i have a tight band around my stomach

I know what you mean about it seeming like bad POTS leads to mast cell reactions. I keep wondering about that too and we have discussed it on the MSC thread as well. It's possible that POTS is caused by something else and it often accompanies JHS, but then when it gets really bad it causes mast cell activation symptoms.

On the other hand, we my have excessive mast cell activation going on all the time that is only expressed as POTS symptoms, except when it gets really bad and is clearly seen as flushing, anaphylactic symptoms, etc. A third option would be POTS caused by some unexplained source interacting with a separate but co-existent mast cell disorder, causing a snowball effect and really bad POTS.

Thank you for this post. I couldn't believe what I was reading. I have the exact same symptom and it has been bothering me off and on for years but recently it seems worse. I have had two prior EGDs and I have been on Armour thyroid for a year, but structurally I am told there is no problem. I am seriuosly considering the possibility of MCAD as well.

Well, I'll give you my thyroid perspective. I had Hashimoto's for many years, probably My thyroid got to the point that it wasn't huge, but rubbery, as some of you mention. I looked it up later and was fuming!

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It implies that we are just creating this problem because of anxiety!Guest over a year ago. Hi, do you think there is any chance that a hiatal hernia combined with gastroesophageal reflux disease could be the cause of your tight stomach? It sounds like that might be possible, but you could also be dealing with something like gastritis.

You do have several serious symptoms, namely feeling like choking and stool mixed with blood.

Tightness around stomach, feel like there's a rubber band around me

Don't delay. Seek medical help NOW. If you have something more serious, you want to find out as soon as reasonably possible. Treatment for any medical condition is usually more effective the sooner you find it, especially if God forbid, you have something like cancer. Maryann over a year ago. Couldn't find what you looking for?

New Reply Follow New Topic. It feels like a rope being tightened around the top part of my abdomen and won't let up. I haven't had any pain, nausea, or tenderness in that area. However this morning I woke up with diareha mixed with blood. Guest over a year ago Hi, do you think there is any chance that a hiatal hernia combined with gastroesophageal reflux disease could be the cause of your tight stomach? Guest over a year ago In reply to pj on - click to read.

I have been having the same feeling like a rope being tightened around my waist for 4 months now, I have not had any problems with diareha. Were you able to find out what is going on? I am desparate for answers. Guest over a year ago I have the same tightness and this has been going on for a few months.

Guest over a year ago I have had the same feeling for 3 years with no relief from it. I have literally described it as a feeling of someone tightening a rope around my upper abdomen - just under my breasts. The first time it happened to me i was 7 months pregnant so I rushed to the hospital and they treated me as if i had gas. The pain lasted for several hours with no letting up no matter what position i was in and then went away just as fast as it came.

My daughter is now three months and tonight is the third time it has happened. Each time I am woken up in the middle of the night by the pain which is odd for me because I could sleep throught almost anything. She has been to a number of doctors and cannot get any answers.

These are so painful - I just want to know what this is. Does anyone have any answers? Guest over a year ago i woke up this morning with on and off pains of a tightening in my upper stomach. Guest over a year ago Hey guys i was suffering from this and it turned out to be gallstones so if your feeling this kind of pain id get it checked out, i ended up needing surgery to remove my gallbladder.

This coinsided with servere constipation that I had never had before in my life. Knowing that I have a yeast problem I took myself off to a nutritional therapist for a food sensitivity test and sure enough my poor old guts were struggling to digest many different foods. Am now on my fith week of strict diet eliminating those foods [ more exspensive and time consuming but you just have to get creativre with it ] and have had two colonic hydrotherapy sessions It has cost more money than I really had spare,but my Doctor was offering painkillers and antibiotics and a possible diagnosis of IBS and I was feeling desperate.

why do i feel like i have a tight band around my stomach

I have also met some very nice professionals running independant health food shops that are keen to give geniune advice on supplements to help mend leaky and or inflamed guts. There is masses of information on the net and lots of help and more and more people suffering from this and related symptoms as we really begin to reep the consequenses of the food industry and all its wonders.It feels like a giant, thick, tight rubber band is squeezing me around my ribcage.

I frequently feel short of breath, but I was a college track runner and marathoner in top form before this started. The main symptoms include a constant "tight" feeling, shortness of breath, tingly and stabbing sensations in my entire ribcage, breast pain, immobility, and muscle spasms.

Oddly, my upper body almost always feels cold and tingly, even when the rest of my body is warm. Also, I have woken up in the morning with bruises on my chest, exactly where the pain is the worst. My theory is that the "tight" feeling was so bad in my sleep, that I was rubbing my chest, desperately trying to loosen it somehow, and bruised myself accidently.

But who knows? The first doctor told me I have asthma, and gave me an inhaler. It made no difference. I saw a second doctor, who X-rayed me and gave me blood tests, all of which came back fine.

What causes tightness under the breast and ribcage?

These help relieve pain in the short term a bit, but doesn't fix the source of the problem. Otherwise, I am in good shape. I've made my desk ergonomic, started therapuetic yoga, and gotten cracked my my chiro How can I get back to my normal life without the "rubber band"?

Discussions By Condition: I cannot get a diagnosis. Like a giant rubber band squeezing my ribcage. Posted In: I cannot get a diagnosis. I feel that you are being exposed to a pollutant.

I had to leave Phoenix for cleaner air. I don't think people are suppose to breathe grey air. When you go out of town, do you feel better? I think there is something in your environment that you are reacting to--the air, your car exhaust, mold in your house or maybe something as simple as a pilot light out on the stove and small amounts of gas.Abdominal discomfort and pain can be described in many ways.

Sometimes these descriptions may not have any medical significance yet it conveys the type of sensation a person is experiencing more accurately than terms like discomfort or pain. Abdominal tightness is one such term and may also be referred to as a tight feeling in the stomach. This type of sensation is usually associated with muscles but sometimes could arise from deeper lying organs. A tight feeling in the abdomen is a symptom on its own.

Depending on the cause it may be accompanied by a host of other symptoms. When the cause is the digestive system, there may be symptoms like:. Since the abdominal cavity is filled predominantly with digestive organs, it is not uncommon for the cause of abdominal symptoms to usually be due to the organs of the digestive system.

Symptoms from organs of other symptoms include:. The location of the tight abdominal feeling can give an indication of the affected organ. Broadly the abdomen can be divided into four quadrants left and right upper quadrants, and the left and right lower quadrants.

Diseases of the small and large intestine can cause tightness in any of these quadrants since these organs are large and coiled to occupy most of the abdominal cavity. Similarly conditions involving the peritoneum can cause diffuse discomfort that may be described as abdominal tightness.

The exact cause of abdominal tightness can be difficult to diagnose without the presence of specific symptoms. It may further be confusing if the pain is diffuse and not localized to one regions. It is therefore important to undergo further diagnostic investigations at times to isolate possible causes when it cannot be diagnosed based on the history, symptoms and findings of a physical examination.

Injury to the abdominal wall skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles may occur with blunt or sharp force trauma. Sometimes the former can cause vague symptoms like abdominal tightness while the latter almost always presents with pain. The abdominal muscles can become strained or cramp mainly due to overexertion in a person who is not physically conditioned to certain levels of activity. Accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity ascites or any large mass can also cause abdominal tightness.

Peritonitis is inflammation of the abdominal lining peritoneum which can cause abdominal discomfort and eventually pain. Copyright Phaa. Possible Symptoms.

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